Lessons Learned from 45 Years In the Industry

After 5 decades in the aviation business and over 25 years as a consultant and professional services provider, I’ve learned many important lessons from my FBO customers and clients. The owners and operators of our nation’s (privately owned) FBOs, Flight Schools, Aircraft Charter, and Aircraft Maintenance businesses are the epitome of what small business is all about. When I started BPS in the late ‘90s: I realized early-on, that the sale of a client’s business is possibly the most important event of their lives, and certainly it falls within the top 5. In most cases nowadays; the clients that I work with are nearing the end of their careers, looking forward to the sale of their business, and anticipating what the next phase of their lives will bring.
One of the most important lessons is that while “business is business”; it is important that I and the buyers must never forget that the sale of the seller’s FBO or other General Aviation business is a very, very personal process and event to them. It may represent decades in which they’ve spent building the going concern, negotiating their lease arrangements with an adversarial authority, or a window in time in which they’ve invested in the assets that are necessary to achieve certain goals; all in an effort to reach this moment.
Some clients have been more successful and forward-thinking, while others have struggled to reach the finish line. However, unlike some others in my profession who see the sale of their clients’ businesses as purely as a “business deal”; the lesson that over 300 FBO-related clients and numerous sale events have taught me is that its best to remember the personal side, and to show the owners of these businesses the respect that they deserve (throughout the entire process) for their hard work, sweat, and dedication.
More often than not; after months of working hand-in-hand, my clients, their families, and their staff become personal friends of mine. And for that, I am truly grateful. Its why I’ve stayed in this business for over 46 years.
Michael Dye
Michael Dye

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Ron Nordt - Kansas Air Center

I would highly recommend using a broker to help with your sale. I used Michael Dye from Business Presentation Solutions, LLC and FBOsforSale.com. I cannot speak highly enough of Michael’s expertise in this area. His knowledge of the industry, of potential suitors, negotiating skills, and his ability to put together a very professional Offering Agreement was in invaluable in my being able to sell the Kansas Air Center FBO and its components. I recommend that you visit with him and discuss your situation. There are no obligations. My business relationship with Michael has turned into a friendship.

Mickey Ratliff - RAS Aviation

I hired Michael Dye back in 2010 to help me sell my FBO. While that proved to be one of the worst years to have made the decision to sell; Michael’s expertise, professionalism, and persistence finally paid off for me in 2016. He became a trusted advisor and his experience in assisting with a new airport lease for the buyer proved to be the turning point in our sale. He updated our Offering Document frequently and assisted me until the day of closing and beyond. I count Michael as a great friend and recommend him to serious owners who are wanting results with the sale of their FBO business.

Tony Dennis - Platinum Jet Center

I used Michael back in 2015 to assist in the sale of my company, the Platinum Jet Center Facility. He found a legitimate buyer within a month and we were able to negotiate and close the deal to my satisfaction within 120 days from completion of his Offering Document. One of the key elements was Michael’s ability to step in and work with the Airport Director, staff, and Airport Board Members to negotiate the terms of a new lease and operating agreement for the buyer. We could not have reached the goal line had it not been for his insight and experience with Airport management.

In 2017, I also purchased a small Avionics Shop from Michael that he had presented for one of his clients. In that deal, he was invaluable in coordinating all the information exchange, purchase details, and production/coordination of the final purchase agreement between the parties and legal counsel. However, if you hire him – Be advised: Dye is a no-nonsense professional. If he tells you to do something; my advice is to listen to him and do it.

Tim Berger - Lux Air Jet Centers

I’ve hired Michael on two separate occasions to assist our company, Lux Air Jet Centers. The first was to complete a Market Value Assessment in 2013 to secure funding for a major facility expansion for Lux Air Jet Center’s operations at our Goodyear location. Michael’s valuation and report document proved to be the piece that we needed to achieve success in securing the funding package and Airport approvals. In the years following; I continued to use that same document for business presentations to colleagues and customers. The second time was in 2017 when I asked Michael to develop a new, revised assessment in preparation for our Phase II expansion at the Goodyear Airport. I can say without hesitation that Michael’s expertise, industry knowledge, financial acumen, and report presentation are exceptional. I will always count on his participation with Lux Air Jet Centers, when we need him, and I highly recommend his services to FBO and Aviation Business Owners who need professional assistance.

Mike Hainsey – Golden Triangle Regional Airport

I had the opportunity to get to know Michael Dye when he brokered the sale of RAS Aviation, which was our long-time FBO here at KGTR. Although I met with Michael and his client on numerous occasions over the course of several years; during the latter stages of the sale process in 2015/2016, he and I worked hand-in-hand to develop a new lease agreement (for the buyer) which needed approval by our Airport Board. His efforts to represent and act as a go-between between the buyer and me were greatly appreciated. He worked to smooth the rough edges and we were able to craft a new lease that was unanimously approved by the GTRA Board under stringent timelines for the closing. I would also say that the buyer who Michael brought to the table has been an outstanding addition to our Airport and community. After several previous prospects that didn’t work out, I am grateful for Michael’s relationships and ability to attract the AvFlight organization to GTR and to get the deal closed on behalf of his client.

Carl Muhs - AvFlight FBO Chain

As the head of AvFlight, I am constantly on the search for FBO acquisitions that meet our demanding criteria. I’ve known and worked with Michael Dye for many years and have had the opportunity to review many of his Offering Documents and purchase opportunities. As a result, we were able to close an important acquisition of one of his clients back in 2016. I can say, without hesitation, that the Offering Document packages he presents are without peer in the industry. Clear, comprehensive, informative, accurate, and enjoyable. He is a true professional and is highly experienced in representing and assisting his clients’ interest in all phases of the deal. I look forward to working with him on future acquisition opportunities.

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