In today’s Buyer’s Market, if you’re a private business owner you’ll need every advantage to achieve success in the marketing and sale of your FBO or Aviation business. Take it from me, this is the only informational eBook of its kind available anywhere that is specifically designed for FBO and General Aviation business owners who are grappling with the decision to sell, and how to go about it. Written from a Business Owner’s Perspective, this informative “How To” guide contains more than 60 pages focused specifically toward the FBO/GA industry. It reveals many of the secrets that I’ve learned from over 40 years in the FBO and General Aviation industry as a consultant and FBO owner. Within my eBook, you’re privy to some of the most important concepts of what I call:
“The Selling Process“.
How to Sell Your FBO or General Aviation Business
  1. Sixty pages of Detailed Information – Download in PDF!

  2. The 7 Key Things Every Seller Needs to Know Now

  3. The 10 Most Common FBO/GA Business Buyer Types

  4. The “How To” of Developing an Offering Document

  5. Why Your Airport Authority is The “X” Factor

  6. Bonus: “Lessons Learned Real-Life Examples”

For the FBO or General Aviation business owner who is seriously considering selling, this eBook is an invaluable guide that can get the process started on the right foot.
At $199, this “How To Sell Your FBO or General Aviation Business” eBook is worth 10 times the price. If you’re serious about selling your business, I guarantee that this eBook will be a valuable tool toward building your success!

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Here is a sample of the powerful information that’s contained in this eBook for Sellers:
Each of the 7 Chapters defines and presents one of the 7 Keys that You’ll Need to Know, before you begin the process of selling your FBO or General Aviation business.
In “Chapter 1 – Getting Your Act Together, I discuss the the decision to sell the business from an Owner’s perspective…. and how taking the “Path of Least Resistance” can cost you thousands of dollars as you attempt to market and sell your business.  I also identify “Six of the FBO Owners’ Most Common Challenges” in the decision-making process.
In “Chapter 2 – Who Are Your Buyers?, I present the Ten Most Common Buyer Types…..knowledge I’ve gained from over 20 years as an industry consultant who constantly deals with prospective FBO and GA buyers from every walk of life.  I offer the secrets that I’ve learned about the Large & Small FBO Chain buyers and their acquisition criteria.
In “Chapter 3 – Concentrate on Your Buyers, I answer two of the most important questions that a Seller can ask about their potential buyers.  And, I give an in-depth look at how every Seller can develop and organize the information that potential buyers will want to see.
Chapter 4 – The Offering Document provides the reader with a step-by-step guide to the “How To” of developing and producing a professional presentation for potential buyers.  The information in this Chapter alone is literally worth thousands of dollars, and comes from my experience as a professional consultant, presenter, and business writer.  I’ve never seen anything like it for aviation business owners.
In Chapter 5, I take you through “The Selling Process, and the most important phases within it.
Chapter 6 – Your Airport Authority, the X-Factor” is a must-read for every aviation business owner who has a question about the role the Airport can play in the sale process.  It provides a clear roadmap of questions to ask, and how Seller and Buyer must be prepared for the approval process.
In “Chapter 7 – Reach Out for Success, I teach you how to assess your own capabilities, and to seek professional assistance, if necessary.  I cover “Business Brokers” and “Pricing Your Aviation Business”.
I’ve also included a section entitled “Lessons Learned:  Some Real-Life Examples” which are based upon my experiences as both an industry consultant, and as an FBO owner myself.
For the FBO or General Aviation business owner who is seriously considering selling, this eBook is an invaluable guide that can get the process started on the right foot.
Michael Dye
Author & Publisher